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Livestreams from the Past

 Still available to view 

on Diane's youtube channel


Tuesday, December 5th - CHILDREN'S CORNER

  • Žilvinas Smalys: Variations on a Children's Theme

  • Folksong, arr. Grimm: Lang, lang ists her

  • Colette Mourey: Jeux

  • David Johnstone: Dr Gradus ad Parnasum from Debussy's "Children's Corner"

  • Giuseppe Cambini: Variations on J'ai du bon tabac

Tuesday, November 7th ~ DARK SIDE of the MIND

  • Liz Davis Maxfield: November

  • Zach Reaves: Otho

  • Povilas Syrrist-Gelgota: Loneliness

  • Papirossen, Lament of the Cigarette Seller

  • Rogelio Huguet y Targell: Hallucinations

  • Manha de Carnaval from Black Orpheus (with loop pedal)

Tuesday, October 3rd ~ IN MEMORIAM

  • David Johnstone: Adios Nonino

  • Gwyneth Walker: in memoriam

  • Paul Brantley: ..crystal tide forever…

  • Meira Warshauer: In Memoriam September 11, 2001

  • James Lee III: Abraham's Son (In Memoriam, Trayvon Martin)

Tuesday, September 5th ~ WORKERS' RITES

  • Marin Marais: The Bladder Stone Operation

  • Paul Brantley: L'homme armé, désarmé

  • Auguste Tolbeque: Marche des Mousquetaires

  • Niels Viggo Bentzon: Variations on the Volga Boatmen

  • Sally Beamish: The Wise Maid


  • Oene van Geel: Three Dances

  • Mark Growden: Prelude for a Redheaded Dancer

  • Maya Badian: Valachian Dance

  • David Johnstone: Piazzolla Tango Caprice #2

  • Carter Brey: Tango para Ilaria

Monday, July 3rd ~ SUMMER VACATION, USA

  • Daniel Delaney: Folk Suite

  • Pamela Sklar: Day and Night Cannot Live Together

  • Emma Logan: Desert Aesthetic

  • Gwyneth Walker: The Green Mountains

Monday, June 5th ~ TREES for the FOREST

  • Paul Brantley: Arbor

  • Sallly Beamish: Maple (with "poetry letters" by John Newling)

  • Aidan Vass: Gray Tree

  • Stephen Brown: Suite # 6 (Flowers of the Forest) WORLD PREMIERE

Tuesday, May 2nd ~ SONG of the BIRDS

  • El Cant dels Ocells, arrHallikainen

  • Elisenda Fabregas: Homenatge à Pau Casals

  • Schubert/Grimm: Hark, Hark the Lark Sings!

  • Sarah Hopkins: Flight of the Wild Goose

  • David Johnstone: Concert Piece on El Cant dels Ocells

Tuesday, April 4th ~ MUSIC of the EARTH

  • Purcell: "When I am laid in earth" from Dido & Aeneas

  • Sarah Hopkins: Reclaiming the Spirit

  • Victoria Pham: Red Earth, White Clay

  • Daniel Crawford: A Song of Our Warming Planet

  • Elisenda Fabregas: Danses de la terra

Tuesday, March 7th ~ FULL MOON

  • Philip Glass: Orbit

  • Stuart Greenbaum : Lunar Orbit

  • Iris Azquinezer: 3 Danzas a la Luna

  • Oliver Caplan: Moon Over Appalachia

Wednesday, February 8th ~ BLACK HISTORY MONTH

  • Kathryn Patricia Cobbler: movements from Selah (with loop pedal)

  • Leila Adu: for Edna

  • Adolphus Hailstork: Variations on "Draw the Sacred Circle Closer"

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 ~ A SUITE NEW YEAR

  • Gdal Salesski: Petite Suite

  • Liz Dilnot Johnson: Flexible Suite for Cello, part 1

  • Benjamin Britten: Suite #3


Tuesday, December 6th: LA FOLIA

4 sets of variations for solo cello on the famous ancient melody,

each written by a cellist-composer of our time

  • Tanya Anisimova

  • Michal Stahel

  • George Mertens

  • Giovanni Sollima


Tuesday, November 1st: SAINTS and SPIRITS

  • Serban Nichifor: Old Mormon Songs

  • Sofia Gubaidulina: Prelude (with sign of the cross)

  • Hugo Becker: Aus dem Leben des Waldschrat (From the Life of the Wood Gnome)

Tuesday, October 4th: DAYS of AWE

Meditative, solemn, intense - Jewish music to usher in Yom Kippur

  • Louis Lewandowski: Kol Nidrei

  • Naom Faingold: A Prayer for Those who Look Away

  • Graciane Finzi: Crepuscule di Kol Nidre

  • Dan Reiter: Kaddish

  • Iris Azquinezer: Bereshit

Tuesday, September 6th: REVISTING THE BAROQUE

  • John Webber: Suite #1

  • Paul Brantley: Branle Coupé

  • Natalie Klouda: Suite for Solo Cello (after the Suites by Bach & inspired by Indian classical music) 

Tuesday, August 2nd: IN ITALIA

  • Scipriani: Three Toccatas

  • Lucio Amanti: Jazz Suite

  • Carlotta Ferrari: Passing and Glassing 

  • Giovanni Sollima: Alone 

Tuesday, July 5th: AMERICANA

  • Randy Calistri-Yeh: Variations on My Country Tis of Thee

  • YoYo Ma/Andrea Yun: Simple Gifts

  • Lydia Jane Pugh: Carolina's Jig

  • Judith Markovich: Voices Long Kept Silent WORLD PREMIERE

  • Vieuxtemps/Chaplin: Souvenir d'Amerique 

Tuesday, June 7th: SOLLIMA!! 

  • Amor Vincit Omnia

  • Lamentatio 

  • Terra Acqua

  • Fandango (after Boccherini)

  • The Shooting - duo with cellist HEATHER BLACKBURN

  • Arboreto Salvatico - duo with cellist HEATHER BLACKBURN

Tuesday, May 3rd: SLAVIC ROOTS

  • March from Music for Children, by Prokofiev/Piatigorsky

  • Two Romantic Pieces, by Minyar-Beloruchev

  • Suite for Solo Cello, by Alexander Tcherepnin

  • Prelude #2, by Sofia Gubaidulina

  • Serenade, by Yuriy Leonovich

  • Toccata, by Nicolas Karjinsky

Tuesday, April 5th: NORDIC NOOK

  • Monolog 17 on Swedish Folk Songs, by Erland von Koch 

  • Icelandic folk music

  • Vocalise, by Povilas Syrrist-Gelgota (Norway)

  • Bravoustudien (excerpts), by Poul Ruders (Denmark)

  • Papillon #1, by Kaija Saariaho (Finland)

  • Variations for Solo Cello, by Jean Sibelius (Finland) 

Tuesday, March 1st: WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH

  • Fall of the Leaf, by Imogen Holst (England)

  • Jingu Suite (excerpts), by Chen Yi (China)

  • Reflections & Dances Part 2, by Liz Dilnot Johnson

  • Deploration Pour Un Amie Defunte, by Monique Gabus (France)

  • Swerve, by Jessica Meyer (for cello and loop pedal) (USA)

Tuesday, February 1st: BLACK HISTORY MONTH 

  • Stolen, by Allison Loggins-Hull

  • Fault Line, by Samantha Fernandez

  • Two Nigerian Songs, by Godwin Sadoh

  • Shades, by Daijana Wallace

  • Baroque Suite, by Dorothy Rudd Moore

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022: A NEW YEAR ON EVERY CONTINENT

  • Introit from Requiem by Peter Sculthorpe - Australia

  • The Ice King by Gerald Doorly - Antarctica

  • Nigerian Folk Song by Godwin Sadoh - Africa

  • Dance with Flying Cymbals by Chen Yi - Asia

  • Partita (excerpt) by Adnan Saygun - Asia

  • Appalachia Suite by Mark O'Connor - North America

  • Preludio y Cueca by José Luis Sánchez - South America
  • Solo Sonata by Gyorgy Ligeti - Europe


Tuesday, December 7thHOME for the HOLIDAYS

  • Song of Solitude by Michal Stahel

  • Dreidel Fantasy by Elaine Fine

  • Seven by Andrea Casarrubios

  • Variations on Coventry Carol by Diane Chaplin

Wednesday, November 10th: ECHOES of ANCIENT VOICES 

Livestreamed from The Old Church in Portland


  • Song of Solitude by Michal Stahel
  • Solo Sonata #2 by Benjamin Godard (orig for violin)

  • Threnos by John Tavener

  • in manus tuas by Caroline Shaw

  • Lamentations: Black/Folk Song Suite by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

Tuesday, November 2nd: ECHOES of ANCIENT VOICES

  • Solo Sonata #2 by Benjamin Godard (orig for violin)

  • Threnos by John Tavener

  • in manus tuas by Caroline Shaw

  • Lamentations: Black Folk Song Suite by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

Tuesday, October 5th: CHACONNE ~ CIACCONA ~ CHIACONA

  • Chiacona sul B by Vitali

  • Ciaccona (with pedal loop) by Nicola Matteis

  • Ciaccona sul BACH by Carlotta Ferrari

  • Chiacona by Tan Dun

  • Capriccio in form of a Chaconne on a Theme by Schumann, by Julius Klengel

Tuesday, September 7thJEWISH SOUL FOR THE NEW YEAR (Rosh Hashanah)

  • Sephardic Prayer by Serban Nichifor

  • Arioso by James Simon ("lost" Jewish composer of the Holocaust)

  • Doina by Racheli Galay

  • Two Pieces by Paul Ben-Haim

  • Yizkor by Ayala Asherov

  • PLUS Klezmer 

Tuesday, August 3rd: THE PASSACAGLIA

  • Passacaglia (1674) by Heinrich Biber

  • Passacaglia del viandante (2016) by Carlotta Ferrari

  • Passacaglia (1982) by William Walton

  • Passacaglia for solo cello and loop pedal (2007) by Samuel Bisson 

Tuesday, July 6th: CAPRICCIO!

  • 2 Capriccios & 5 Variations by FX Hammer (1741-1817)

  • A Fancy for Anssi (2010) by Betsy Jolas 

  • Capriccio on a Theme of Jobim (2012) by Serban Nichifor

  • Toccata capricciosa (1977) by Miklós Rózsa 

Tuesday, June 1st: BRITANNICA

  • Harmonious Blacksmith Variations by Handel

  • First Light by Caroline Bordignon

  • Sonata for Solo Cello by Granville Bantock



  • Mexican Nights by Aaron Minsky

  • Preludio y Cueca by José Luis Sánchez

  • Alguien sube por el camino inventado by Angélica Negrón Rodriguez

  • Guajiras by Rogelio Huguet y Tagell

  • Danzas Latinoamericanas by José L. Elizondo

Tuesday, April 27th: SPANISH INFLUENCE

  • Aires Ibericos by Alain Lefébure

  • Ezpata Dantza by Javier Jacinto

  • Zapateados by Rogelio Huguet y Tagell

  • Cajón by Nina Shekhar

  • Fantasìa "El Paño Fino" by Salvador Martinez

Tuesday, March 23rd

  • Ciaccona by Johan Schenk

  • "Baroque Suite" by Dorothy Rudd Moore

  • Prelude from Suite No. 6 by J.S. Bach

Tuesday, March 16th 

  • Ciaccona by Giuseppe Colombi

  • "A Cellist's Garden of Verses" by Elaine Fine

  • Capriccio in D minor by Giuseppe dall'Abaco

  • Theme & Variations by Sibelius

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