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First Monday of July @ 6:30pm Pacific time

Portland Cello Project pages: Facebook page or youtube channel 

Diane Chaplin, Cellist on Facebook

(can also be watched after the livestream on Diane's youtube channel)

Monday, July 3rd - @ 6:30 pm PT


  • Daniel Delaney: Folk Suite

  • Pamela Sklar: Day and Night Cannot Live Together

  • Emma Logan: Desert Aesthetic

  • Gwyneth Walker: The Green Mountains


Come hear Diane playing live at Mendelssohn's, Portland's Classical Music Bar

  • Saturday, June 24th

3955 N Mississippi Ave, 8-10 pm

Tuesday, August 1st - SUMMER TIME CHANGE: 10am Pacific!


  • Mark Growden: Prelude for a Redheaded Dancer

  • Oene van Geel: Three Dances

  • Maya Badian: Valachian Dance

  • David Johnstone: Piazzolla Tango Caprice #2

  • Carter Brey: Tango para Ilaria

Tuesday, September 5th - SUMMER TIME CHANGE: 10am Pacific!


  • Marin Marais: Gall Bladder Operation

  • Paul Brantley: L'homme arme, desarme

  • Auguste Tolbeque: Marche des Mousquetaires

  • Niels Viggo Bentzon: Variations on the Volga Boatman

  • Sally Beamish: The Wise Maid

 RECENT - still available to view 
on Diane's youtube channel

Monday, June 5th @ 6:30 pm PT ~ TREES for the FOREST

  • Paul Brantley: Arbor

  • Sallly Beamish: Maple (with "poetry letters" by John Newling)

  • Aidan Vass: Gray Tree

  • Stephen Brown: Suite # 6 (Flowers of the Forest) WORLD PREMIERE

Tuesday, May 2nd ~ SONG of the BIRDS

  • El Cant dels Ocells, arrHallikainen

  • Elisenda Fabregas: Homenatge à Pau Casals

  • Schubert/Grimm: Hark, Hark the Lark Sings!

  • Sarah Hopkins: Flight of the Wild Goose

  • David Johnstone: Concert Piece on El Cant dels Ocells

Tuesday, April 4th ~ MUSIC of the EARTH

  • Purcell: "When I am laid in earth" from Dido & Aeneas

  • Sarah Hopkins: Reclaiming the Spirit

  • Victoria Pham: Red Earth, White Clay

  • Daniel Crawford: A Song of Our Warming Planet

  • Elisenda Fabregas: Danses de la terra

Tuesday, March 7th ~ FULL MOON

  • Philip Glass: Orbit

  • Stuart Greenbaum : Lunar Orbit

  • Iris Azquinezer: 3 Danzas a la Luna

  • Oliver Caplan: Moon Over Appalachia 

Wednesday, February 8th ~ BLACK HISTORY MONTH

  • Kathryn Patricia Cobbler: movements from Selah (with loop pedal)

  • Leila Adu: for Edna

  • Adolphus Hailstork: Variations on "Draw the Sacred Circle Closer"

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 ~ A SUITE NEW YEAR

  • Gdal Salesski: Petite Suite

  • Liz Dilnot Johnson: Flexible Suite for Cello, part 1

  • Benjamin Britten: Suite #3

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